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For over 40 years, Dr. Tshaka has been a writer, teacher and master organizer in the Black Freedom Movement.

He is one of the most powerful deep thinkers in the world today.

Dr. Asa Hilliard

Master Organizer, Master Strategist, Master Scholar

Since 1960, Dr. T’Shaka has combined a very rare blend of master organizer having never lost a battle, and a master scholar whose ideas have been field-tested to the level that they answer key questions today such as why were 75% of Black households two parent families from 1865-1968, while only 34% are two parent families today. Dr. T’Shaka’s book The Integration Trap The Generation Gap, Caused by A Choice between Two Cultures provides answers for how stable two parent families can be rebuilt today.

A book will be forth coming this year entitled: Mastering Your Inner Light (Seba) of Wisdom. This is a break through study of the highest educational system in the world created in ancient Kemet (Egypt), and throughout the rest of Africa in he form of Secret Societies. This educational system was carried by enslaved Africans into the United States and the western hemisphere It is the main reason why Blacks in the United States coming out of slavery could produce the greatest scientist in the 20th century, George Washington Carver, invent blood plasma, open heart surgery and numerous inventions as well as construct the most advanced university, banking, insurance, business and church structure in the African world. Masters such as Ella Baker, John Coltrane, Malcolm X, Theophile Obenga, John Henrik Clarke, Magic Johnson and Karim Addul Jubar were created by this mighty system that still operates today.

Civil Rights Movement

Dr. T’Shaka led the Civil Rights Movement in San Francisco, which was a catalyst for the Black Power Movement.

Featured Book

The Art of Leadership is the definitive guide for aspiring organizers in Black communities.

Featured Video

Dr. T’Shaka talks about his latest book “The Integration Trap” during a trip to the UK.


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